Monday, December 28, 2009

The Silence of the Stable

The Pyle family had a wonderful Christmas, but as you can imagine, there were three very good reasons why it felt incomplete. This time last year we had no idea that we would have a missing part to our family, but each and everyone of us felt it this year. We had three candles with pictures of each child on them that we lit on Christmas Eve as we prayed for Sam, Betty and Fallah in faith that next year they will be present in our home. Malachi, Mckenna and Mackaden all received necklaces with Sam, Betty and Fallah's pictures on it which was a huge hit for them. I am very happy to report that the kids had a very blessed Christmas feast at The Covering which even ended with a rented TV for a movie and popcorn. It just warmed my heart to know they were happy on such a special day. Thank you Jesus for all of our gifts, but this year, I am extra thankful for the joy You brought to my kids in Sierra Leone. Please visit to see some pictures of their Christmas party this year.
At the beginning of the Christmas week, just as things start to get "real" busy with baking cookies, wrapping gifts, and coordinating the different parties for the week, I found myself quite stressed. I have felt "Christmas stress" before and this was different. It was a mix of emotions that I was unable to place as familiar. I spent some time just asking God what He wanted me to get out of this Christmas season. I never want to miss what God has for me and especially during the years of having such young children in the home (which I have been told goes by way too quickly). I got an immediate response which was "I want you to hear the silence of the stable at My birth". I thought how is that possible during such a busy and hectic time? I think that is exactly what He was saying. As I began to think about the silence that must have been at the birth of Jesus, I imagined the animals slowly walking on the hay with the slight wind just outside and all of a sudden I began to feel the peace of that Christmas day. How very different than anything I have ever experienced at Christmas in this day and age. We did our very best to have a very low-key Christmas (honestly, slower than any Christmas I can remember) and I believe God is preparing us for the gifts we will soon receive. Christmas has never been about "stress" and how many parties can you possible fit into one weekend, but the love sent to earth on that very special day. You all know the story so I will leave it at that, but as I recall the Christmas of 2009, I will remember it as the silence of the stable.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We have a winner

Thank you so much to all of those who supported our blanket auction by placing your bids. Sorry for those who had difficulty posting, but I am VERY happy to announce our winner to be Robin Hastings of McKinney, TX with a final bid of $150. Robin and his wife Kim have been very close friends of ours since our college days. This is just one more way they have proven their love and support to us. Thank you guys. I can't help to mention the Swann family, as they were instrumental in providing that friendly competition I was hoping for.

All of the donation will be going toward our home study.

Thank you, again!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bring on the Bids!!!!

Just in time for Christmas the kids made a beautiful Christmas blanket to raise money for our adoption. We all just spoke to Sam, Betty and Fallah this morning by cell phone and everytime we talk to them we are MORE anxious to get them home. Please help us by placing your bid to have this blanket sent to you just in time for the holidays. All of the proceeds from this blanket will go toward our home study.

To make a bid please include your name and amount in the comment section of this post. The auction will remain open until December 14th. The highest bid will be announced at that time and I will make contact by email for shipping information. Please tell everyone you know to make a bid. A little friendly competition among friends never hurt anyone.

Thank you in advance...good luck
Fran and Lori