Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urgent Needs at The Covering
Today was going to be the day that I shared our new video footage of our kids in The Covering, but I cannot celebrate just the joy of my 3 kids and how well they are thriving at The Covering while there are such urgent needs. I am so pleased to see my kids "fatten up" and light up the room with their smiles, but I also want other kids who were in the same shape as mine (or worse) to have the same chance as Sam, Betty and Fallah have had. I am asking you to please look at the current situation at the covering as it is described in the above link and please tell everyone you know that we need your help. Please pray for the children being brought in, for the staff that is going to care for them, and for the dear people who founded and run The Raining Season...what a big job God has given them!

Love to all, AND stay tuned for the video footage of our sweet will now believe how well they are doing.