Wednesday, May 12, 2010

5 days and counting

Malachi and I leave in 5 days for Sierra Leone! On one hand it feels like it has been forever since I have seen our beautiful children over there, but on the other I can't believe it's already here. We are a bundle of emotions right now. I have so much to write about. We did a huge fundraiser last month called the 163 Formal Affair (to note 163,000,000 orphans in the world). I will post pictures as soon as I get them, but I cannot express how God's hand and favor was all over that event. From the the turn the final amount earned. We raised almost $30,000 for adoption, travel, and sponsorship for The Covering. Awareness of the orphan crisis is spreading through the Springfield area and I could not be more thrilled. We have so many close friends who are now sponsoring kids and chomping at the bit to have a relationship with them. We will be able to initiate that bond starting next week. Several of Malachi's friends are investing their hearts and their own money. I hear it when they talk. One mom shared with me that two of Malachi's friends Cole and Jackson were talking about the orphanage and the kids that they now sponsor on the way to baseball practice. Jackson personally emailed TRS to sponsor a child. His plan is to work on the farm with his dad to make money to support his child at The Covering. I am amazed to say the least. Malachi's class is doing a peanut butter, shoe, and sock drive for us and his teacher continues to be a blessing to us. We have so many donations that we are having to pay overage fees to ship it on the, we had $250 donated within 45 minutes of posting the need on facebook. What can I say but, wow...God is moving!
During such exciting times when God is moving we can also see the forces of darkness trying to work against us so please be in continued prayer for us. We feel tired at times and scared at others. We sometimes feel like we don't understand how we will ever accomplish all we are called to do, but you know the answer...He is never surprised by what the enemy throws at us!

Special request: Please pray for a dear friend of mine who was just diagnosed with melanoma. God cares for these sweet people across the waters, but he also cares for His people right here in the great USA. I am praying for a complete healing...please join me.

I will be blogging while we are in stay tuned!!
Much love to all of you,


  1. So excited for you to be in SL. I am just amazed at how much you raised. God was really moving through His people! So how is the adoption stuff coming along...will you be able to get the kids before the year is out? If you can't say that is fine too! I'll be praying for your group. If you think of it, could you give an extra little hug to my Joseph Silla? Our family loves him so much. Would you tell him that? Thanks.

  2. so excited and thankful for all that God has been doing! I am so so anxious to see pictures and hear more of the precious children and yours in Africa!

    I am so sorry that your friend was diagonosed with that disease. I will be praying for healing on earth. Such hard times sometimes on this earth. I have heard much hard news. Heaven will be so wonderful!

    well praying today for your safety for your team and for a wonderful trip full of God's miralces and mercies!

    Love Heidi