Friday, February 19, 2010

Kids doing great things!

This week has proven to be one that speaks to my heart. Since the beginning of Warm Hearts Warm Bodies by McKenna, I have come to realize that young kids can do some amazing things. McKenna has inspired so many people (young and old) to consider what they can do to make a difference in the world of someone else. This week I have had 3 children allow their hearts to be moved and act on that feeling. One was an 8-year-old named Garrett. I work with his mom, Angie, and she has supported our cause from the first day she heard about us making blankets. She was quick to involve her kids by buying material and they made blankets for us to give to our local homeless. This past week, Angie had an opportunity to share our adoption story with her kids. Without hesitation, Garret went to his room and got $10 and handed it to his mom and said "Give this to Lori. She needs to get those kids home." Garret, you have no idea how that touched me. God can use everyone if only we listen with the heart of a child. The next child gives me an opportunity to brag on my own. As a previous post indicated, Malachi was doing a fund raiser today called "Shoot for Africa". This is to raise money for him to travel to The Covering with me in May. Can I just say my little boy WORKED HIS TAIL OFF! I am so proud of him. He shot 121 times in 15 minutes and raised over $1200 to go toward his trip. When you see his RED face you will see that he gave everything he had to give. He is so excited to go on this trip and today was his first attempt at making it a reality. Way to go, Malachi! I was so excited to talk about Malachi, but I don't want to forget Jack! Jack is one of Malachi's friends from school. He is a very shy kid (at least around us according to Malachi)and he showed up today to support Malachi while he was shooting. He sat very quietly in the back and watched my son shoot his heart out. As Malachi collapsed after his exhausting experience I saw Jack walk up to Malachi and put his hand on his shoulder with such encouragement and that touch penetrated through Malachi to the point that I overheard Malachi on the phone with Jack later expressing to him how much it meant for him to be there. Jack's parents had already pledged money for Malachi for this particular fund raiser, but Jack showed up at our house tonight with his own agenda. He handed Malachi $10 of his own money...JUST FROM HIM!!! Kids...they truly are amazing! I will post video of this fun event very soon, so stay tuned!

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  1. This is so awesome! Kids with a heart and passion for the Lord and the fatherless! Thanks for posting this encouraging story!